Greetings Fellow Lions!
What a surprise we received when we arrived at our meeting on
April 22 at J.R.’s Whistle Stop. Who would have guessed that they
went out of business. I believe all things happen for a reason.
Thanks to Denny’s Restaurant, we will meet there from now on.
Here it is June and the last month of the Lion’s year. Being club
president is the best position on the board of officers. It is especially
nice in our club as we have a great group and they all pitch in to help
with our projects and fund raisers. Some of you are able to help more
than others, but that is what Lionism is all about—volunteering and
doing what you can. I know that you will continue to support
President-elect Robbie.
I pray that we have good weather for our Poker Run on Saturday,
June 7. For those of you not familiar, you can drive your own car if
you are not a motorcycle rider. Cost is still only $20 per participant.
We always have lots of prizes and this year our 1st
prize if $300 cash.
The Roadrunners Motorcycle Club always has a great route and
usually pretty scenic. Love to see you there!!
I closing, I want the THANK EVERYONE for making this past
year a memorable Lions year for me.

Thank You,

King Lion George