Hello Fellow Lions!
Can you believe this Lion’s year is about over? Well, we had our election of officers on March 25th and the list of officers for Lions year 2014-2015 was unanimously approved. We will have the installation of the new officers on Tuesday, June 10th at J.R.’s Whistle Stop restaurant. Installation will be done by PCC Mike Gayda. The list of the new officers is on page 2. If you plan to attend please let Dave McClintock know, so he can let the restaurant know how many places to set for the dinner. Along with the list of new officers is some upcoming event for our club in April.
Let’s all give a big push and try to bring a few more Lions into our club by the end of June. Lionism is the best kept secret in our community. Can you believe that a lot of people do not know what we do? Let’s get out there and inform them!!!
Will Rogers on taxes:
”The income tax has made for liars out of the American people than golf has.”
“The difference between death and taxes is death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.”
“It’s a good thing that we do not get as much government as we pay for.”
Thank You,
King Lion George