Prairie House Museum

Each month members of the Spanaway Lions help out with the building and refurbishing of the Prairie House museum on 176th St in Spanaway. The Prairie House is located just west of the Fir Lane memorial park.  Information on the Museum can be found here. Spanaway Historical Society


Lions Health Screening Unit

Each year the Spanaway Lions try to arrange for the Lions Health Screening Unit to make a stop in our community. Because of the busy schedule for the unit and a lack of places that can host it we can not always schedule it.


Eyeglass Recycling

Eyeglass – corners of the house there are old pairs of eyeglasses tucked away and forgotten after newer pairs have been purchased. Those eyeglasses can come back and have a second life and make a profound change in another person’s life. Imagine the joy of a child finally being able to see a book to read or an adult a chance to hold a job or a senior to continue to be independent. All these can be achieved through the no cost distribution of donated glasses