In the dark corners of nearly every house tucked away forgotten in drawers there are old pairs of eyeglasses unloved and forgotten after newer pairs have been purchased. Those eyeglasses can come back and have a second life and make a profound change in another person’s life. Imagine the joy of a child finally being able to see a book to read or an adult a chance to hold a job or a senior to continue to be independent. All these can be achieved through the no cost distribution of donated glasses.

Lions Recycle for Sight


RecycleFSColorThis program collects eyeglasses in drop boxes and collection centers through out the year. The glasses are then taken by Lions volunteers to the Regional Eyeglass Recycling Centers. Our local one is in Olympia, WA. Here Lions members clean, and sort the glasses based on prescription strength and then package the glasses. The glasses are then distributed to people in need in developing countries. Because of various laws and regulations these glasses can not be distributed in the United States.


If you have eyeglasses you no longer need you can drop them off with you your local Lions Club. Our local dropbox is located inside the south door of the Spanaway Safeway. The Spanapark Early Risers Club drop box is located in the vision center at the Spanaway Wal-Mart. The Lions accept prescription and reading glasses as well as sunglasses. Both plastic and metal frames are welcome no matter how ugly or unfashionable. There is an especially great need for children’s glasses.


Members of the Spanaway Lions Helping at the NWLERC

Members of the Spanaway Lions Helping at the NWLERC

In addition to eye-glass recycling the Lions Clubs also recycle thousands of hearing aids each year that enhance the lives of adults and children around the world.