Hello Fellow Lions!
HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope all you good Lions and your
families have a healthy and prosperous New Year. Let’s all see if we
can recruit a new Lion for our club.
Our Christmas party on December 10 was a very nice affair. We
had good food, a gift exchange and good companionship. A big
THANKS to Lions Chuck and Sue Overra for letting us use the
Parkside building at Fir Lane. Thanks also to Lion Nancy Slade and
everyone who made it a success. We didn’t have any other meetings
in December. January 14 is our next board and dinner meeting at
J.R.’s Whistle Stop. Hope to see everyone there because Past
Council Chairman, Mike Gayda will be conducting an orientation
meeting. Mike is an excellent speaker and I think everyone will learn
something new.
Don’t forget to put aside good “stuff” you and your neighbors
would like to donate to our summer yard sale. More on the location
will be coming in 2014. We are still collecting small packages of
shampoo, skin care articles, soap, toothpaste, brushes, etc. for the
homeless. Lions Andy and Deanna are in charge of this project and
will collect the articles.
The Northwest Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center (better known as
LERC) is running low on used eyeglasses to recycle. Ask around to
see if anyone has used eyeglasses to donate so we can help them.

Thank You,

King Lion George