This morning six of our club members and mascots Lion McAnnie and Sweetie went to the Northwest Lions Eyeglass Recycling center for a work party. The NWLERC is where all the eyeglasses collected by Lions in Western Washington go to be cleaned and sorted. The best of the glasses go to the Lions missions around the world where the glasses are distributed to those that need them. The rest of the glasses go to various recycling projects to bring in more money to fund the projects.

Members of the Spanaway Lions Helping at the NWLERC


Lion McAnnie and a box of used eyeglassesThe glasses come into the center in all sorts of containers. Some are in special recycling boxes, others are in random boxes and some even come in big garbage bags. The center recycles lots of glasses.



Lion Colleen checking glasses

After they are counted they are put into boxes and marked as ready for sorting. The first step is to sort out the broken, badly scratched or otherwise unusable glasses. Also the glasses are separated into single and multi vision and sunglasses. The unusable ones aren’t thrown away but put into boxes for recycling. The glasses that pass the first sort are then boxed up by type and are ready for washing.

Lion McAnnie helps with the glassesThe glasses are then put on racks and run through an industrial dishwasher. After they come out they are wiped and check for more damage and scratches. The ones that have no scratches or damage go on for further sorting. The others go on to be recycled.Lion McAnnie and her new glasses






Even Lion McAnnie got a new set of reading glasses. After helping everyone to sort out the glasses.