Prairie House Barn houses the Museum display rooms

The Spanaway Lions primary community service project revolves around the Prairie House Museum. Located beside the Fir Lane memorial park the farmhouse and outbuildings were donated to the Spanaway Historical Society. The Prairie House Museum was officially dedicated in 1989 and the Spanaway Lions began aiding in the restoration efforts in 1996.


The house dates from the early 1900s and rests on one corner of the cemetery. The Historical Society with help from the Spanaway Lions has worked to restore the farmhouse, the old barn and hayloft, the milking stations and the blacksmith’s shop.

Some of the contributions of our club include refinishing the entire inside of the barn both upstairs and down involving many rooms, cementing the floor of storage shed, painting the outside of all the buildings including the house. When not working on the buildings themselves the Lions help with maintaining the grounds doing chores such as cleaning up broken limbs and raking up leaves in the fall.Display Room in the Barn

The Spanaway Lions hold a number of different events at the Prairie House including our annual Easter Egg Hunt, garage sale and our joint picnic with the Spanaway Historical Society.

Main House