Hello Fellow Lions!
I sure hope that everyone has had a nice summer so far. We
haven’t had too many hot days – thank goodness!! I will do my best
to keep you all informed on everything that is going on in our club ,
in the Zone and in the District.
I sure hope everyone likes our new meeting location. The food is
good and the service is great. Just a reminder that our board meets
the first Tuesday of the month that we meet. The meeting starts at 6
pm that day with dinner meeting at 7 pm.
McDave has ordered the student dictionaries for the 3rd graders at
Camas Prairie Elementary School there on 176th Street and B Street.
We will pass them out sometime in September. Will let you know
how many members we will need for this project.
Don’t forget that Lions Andy Bacon and Deanna Isabell are still
collecting notions for the homeless in Tacoma. They need bar soap,
shampoo, toothpaste, etc. Ask your family, friends and neighbors to
collect them for us.
If you haven’t paid your dues yet, please do so as soon as possible.
The dues are only $70 for members and $75 for married couples. If
you desire, you may pay your dues six months at a time, one half now
and the other half in January.
Enjoy the good weather and have a safe summer.
Thank You,
King Lion Robbie